Zero Up 2.0 Review – Is This The Ultimate eCommerce AUTOMATION Software That Everyone Needs?

Zero Up 2.0 was created with a suite of products to ensure anyone can have their very own eCommerce store! It will solve the following problems for anyone wanting to build an eCommerce store and make money online by quickly addressing the following obstacles;

– How to get your eCommerce store up?
– How to pick the right products?
– How to automate the process of delivering and ordering the products?
– How to drive traffic to your website…

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Setting up a Shopify store can be tedious for newbies. Even with Shopify’s easy-to-use dashboard, a lot of people still face challenges and many just quit within 5 minutes. With Zero Up 2.0 One-Click Shopify eCommerce Store Creation, you can have your store up and running in no time. Just click a few buttons and your store is up and 100% functional in less than 5 minutes!

Zero Up 2.0 is fully Integrated with AliExpress & Access To Their Millions of Products. So, you can literally turn China into your own store. If it’s sold on AliExpress, you can now sell it with just a few clicks. Just go and search for any product, using any search words. Once you find the product you want – just click “Publish.” That’s it. Instantly – your product will be listed on your Shopify store and you will be in BUSINESS. Imagine, you can now sell any (or all) of the MILLIONS of products sold in China!

With Zero Up 100% Fulfillment Automation you Never Manually have to Process an Order! Listen, this one feature alone is worth $10,000. So, in the past, every time you got a sale you had to manually go and place the sale. This required you to either spend hours doing it OR you had to hire someone else to do it. Well, not anymore! Zero Up will now completely automate the ENTIRE process. The minute you get a sale, Zero Up will instantly fulfill that order for you. You never have to even click a button! The Zero Up team has developed an entire fulfillment automation module which automatically orders & fulfills any sale your Shopify store gets.

Zero Up has Advanced Email Integration with 12 Autoresponders – HUGE Profit Boost! For a long time, you have been forced to use MailChimp (even the new integrations are all faulty and flawed). Even if you get the integration to work, the automation is horrible. It’s so limited that you’re flushing millions of profit down the drain. Well, that comes to an end now! Zero Up now has incredibly sophisticated integrations with over 12 of the Industry’s TOP autoresponders! All the new features added can genuinely add millions to your business without you even knowing!

– You can capture Emails of those who ABANDON
– You can segment by the product they bought!
– and so much more…

With Zero Up Profit Multiplier – You can Maximize Your Sales Instantly! Once someone purchased from your store, chances are for them to keep buying from you is extremely high. You want to keep them in the buying behavior and maximize your initial cart value. With Profit Multiplier, you are now able to sell anything right on your Shopify’s thank you page with a simple coupon creator – a video pop-up and even customized HTML. This is proven to increase your sales by 30% by simply using this tool.

Zero Up also has a Drag & Drop Sales Funnel Builder! As marketers, we know just how important FUNNELS are. But, most people think that funnels are ONLY for digital products. WRONG. Actually, if you use the right formula, you’ll see just what a huge impact a funnel can have on your eCommerce business. However, this should get you excited because – no one has ever built a tool like this, till today. Zero Up allows you to develop the entire funnel and even build your own customized landing pages! The Zero Up team has cracked the ENTIRE Shopify code and now, you have a full drag and drop landing page creator. You can even split-test your product page to sky-rocket your sales!

With Zero Up 2.0, you also get Access To Secret Software! Imagine how AMAZING it would be if you can expand your product offers to include CUSTOMIZED products for your niche audience… Now imagine how WONDERFUL it would be if those customized products can be easily done and fulfilled automatically without hassle… It would be pretty exciting, eh? Well this secret software will give you the ability to do BOTH of those things with just a few clicks of the button, and help you diversify and scale your business to the next level!

On top of all these automation tools within Zero Up, there’s also a full step-by-step training academy. It’s created for any individuals starting from zero to advanced eCommerce owners who want to scale their eCommerce store.

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